Informal Drink in Oxford - October 5th - Number 91

Brian – Politician/Chief Executive – charity sector (UK)

“When one is suddenly made ‘redundant’ from a job that you love and that you thought you did very well, it can be very difficult to see what possibilities exist let alone to find one. Graham was introduced to me at a drinks evening about three months after I’d lost my seat. A mutual friend suggested that we chat. At first, I didn’t know why. We agreed to meet again the following week. I am so glad that we did. He very quickly spotted the three big mistakes I was making – networking with the wrong people, spending too long ruminating over the past, and not having an open mind to possibilities. He helped me to see the merit in accepting a project role to begin with preparing a report on the future of a think tank, which led to my appointment there as Chief Executive. Apart from his caring attitude, incredible persistence, and unfailing belief in the possible, he is also remarkably strategic in his thinking.”

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