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15 tips to improve your LinkedIn profile

1 Include a good quality full-face photograph – even head and shoulders is potentially too small.

2 Make it clar in the “current” box, what it is that you offer and/or are looking for – eg “FTSE 100 Operations Director seeking UK-based logistics challenge”

3 Prepare all your text in a proper wordprocessor and use the spell-checker AND grammar-checker before copying and pasting it into the profile. (There are tools that should do this directly in LinkedIn, but I’ve never found one that worked!)

4 Write recommendations for people you know. You don’t need to go over the top; it’s just a nice gesture. And there’s a good chance they will reciprocate.

5 Make sure that you cite QUANTIFIABLE results.

6 Use LinkedIn’s customised “add sections” tools to make your specific languages, publications, and ‘certifications’ stand out.

7 LinkedIn now allows you to reorganise the profile so that your information appears in the order you think is correct.

8 Provide EASY TO ACCESS links to your portfolio – an illustrated slideshow of your projects and successes. (Use an online content manager, there are several under the ‘Applications’ tab, to serve these up easily.)

9 Select (some of) your LinkedIn recommendations, and copy and paste them into an appendix of your CV. Then provide a link to the CV through an online content manager. This way people can run off a quality document AND get your list of recommendations too!

10 Even free subscribers can join 50 groups on LinkedIn. Find ones that will be relevant to your search – alumni groups, former employers’ sites, professional groups (but avoid special interest ones). Join the maximum number, following them by daily digest to avoid floods of email. Purge inactive groups after a week or so and join new ones.

11 Create a ‘signature’ for posts that sums up your search…
Best wishes, Damian Fort
Former Head of Operations at Sodacorp
Currently seeking an even bigger challenge

12 Post regularly to the most active groups – always offering other people help and only asking for specific information yourself occasionally.

13 Build your network. Go through group members lists and the lists of your existing contacts links too. Always include a personal message (even though these can be quite formulaic) to explain why they know you.

14 When someone accepts a link, send a message back asking what THEY are doing these days? They’ll see your signature and know you are looking for a job.

15 Make sure that keywords for your level and industry appear often through your description of the jobs you have held.

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