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Your Next Senior Executive Job

If there was a way…

  • to find your ideal job…
  • …the one that ticks all your boxes
  • to avoid the stress of applications
  • and the disappointment of rejections
  • and to do so quickly and efficiently

Would you be interested in learning more?

The “Senior Executive’s Emergency Job Hunt” offers exactly this. A proven approach, that allows you to jump up the ladder, across fields, even around the world, and do so quickly. Whether you are looking for a natural next step or a more radical career shift, this approach helps you make the move. Someone once called it “Stealth Job Finding” – in a way they were right. Every year, millions of jobs are filled without ever being advertised. They go to people who are known, who are liked, and who are trusted. The “Senior Executive’s Emergency Job Hunt” puts you into that position.

Check out the growing library of short articles about job hunting. Sign up to the site using the form on the right, and receive a copy of the e-book version of the “Senior Executive’s Emergency Job Hunt”. Take up my offer of a FREE Skype review of your job hunt so far.

When you feel the need for a little more support, motivation and expertise, then give me a call on +44(0) 7785 222380.

With best wishes
Dr Graham Wilson

My latest five job hunting articles

  • Never has spelling been more important This isn’t intended to be a lengthy post, but I hope that the point will be taken. According to a survey of 200 heads of schools by a leading education magazine, 70% of headteachers said Facebook and Twitter are bad for literacy (1). One is reported as suggesting; “I do feel that to ...
  • Would you use a paid-for referee? Yes, for only $5 someone will allow you to give their details to a prospective employer and then, when called, will provide a glowing testimonial for you. I can’t believe that anyone in a senior position would consider such a thing, but it really does demonstrate the lengths that some people will go to.
  • Raising your head above the parapet I am forever, it seems, banging on about how important it is to be visible, whether you expect to get a new job, help with your existing one, to keep informed about your field or whatever. Well this random statistic from LinkedIn might interest you. People who are moderately active participants on LinkedIn groups get four times ...
  • Improving your chances at each stage of the job hunt Some research just published by the Aberdeen Group, has some useful insights into the needs of corporates and therefore the attributes that you need to exude at every stage of the job hunt process. The group conducts primary research, in this case by classifying employers into high, medium and low performance and then interviewing staff to ...
  • Challenge to job hunters – CIPD research suggests executive job market is warming up Job seeking has reached a 2 year high with nearly 1 in 4 seeking new opportunities, according to the CIPD. Job seeking intentions are at their highest since spring 2011, according to a survey of nearly 3,000 employees published by the CIPD, the professional body for HR and people development, in partnership with Halogen*. ...